Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Forsyth Rooter Service insured?

Yes, Forsyth Rooter Service is fully insured.

Where is Forsyth Rooter Service located and who operates it?

Forsyth Rooter Service is a local company with offices located at 2960 Griffith Road in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Forsyth Rooter Services is owned and operated by Steve Newsom.

How experienced are the technicians with Forsyth Rooter Service?

At Forsyth Rooter Service, our service technicians are well trained with over 140 years experience combined.

How does Forsyth Rooter Service charge for their services?

Forsyth Rooter Service charges by the job in most cases.  Large jobs taking several hours are charged by the hour.  We do charge extra for overtime work: weekdays after 5:00 PM, and all day on weekends and holidays.  Charges for overtime work are necessary to compensate our employees.  We do offer senior citizen discounts.

Is Forsyth Rooter Services hiring?

Forsyth Rooter Service is a drug free work place.  We are not hiring at this time.  Please check back again later.