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Forsyth Rooter Service has been serving the residential and commercial communities of Winston-Salem, NC for over 38 years. We provide quality services at affordable pricing. Our trained staff will quickly assess your problem and have the highest quality tools to manage the situation. We have a 4,000 PSI high pressure jet, which greatly assists in quickly clearing out drains for proper flow. Whatever the drainage problem, we can help.

We offer services for:

Sinks & Commodes
Bath Tubs
Main Drains
Floor Drains
Video Camera Inspection

Video Camera Inspections

We offer state of the art video camera inspection. Video inspection using a drain camera can save customers money. The small camera uses infrared and lighting to illumine the inside of a sewer pipe and contains a small transmitter. The camera is pushed down the drain or sewer line. A technician views the images on a monitor. The camera also sends a signal to the receiver held by the technician. This allows the technician to know where the camera is and how deep it is. When a clogged drain backs up often, that’s when using a drain camera is best. By actually seeing inside the pipe, we can determine the integrity of the pipe, the cause of the clog, and the best method to repair the pipe.

Portable Toilet Rentals

We rent portable toilets through Piedmont Rent-A-Jon.  From sporting events to industrial construction sites, there is definitely a need for portable toilets. At Piedmont Rent-A-Jon, we cater to whatever needs you may have. We offer same-day delivery service so you can obtained what you need, fast. Our portable toilets are cleaned and sterilized. They are made from durable materials and are convenient for any public events, construction projects and more.

Call us at 336-768-2222 or visit us online at
High Pressure Sewer Jetting

A Sewer Jet is the perfect tool for cleaning dirt, sludge, and debris from sewers ranging from 1.5″ through 24″ in diameter. The jet nozzle propels the jet hose up the sewer using high pressure water, while flushing everything back to the point of entry.

Pump Stations

Forsyth Rooter Service can carry out all facets of pump station cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Contact us to arrange for inclusion into our computer diary for ongoing regular inspections of your pump stations to prevent the flooding of basements, parking garages, factories and other working areas.

Floor Drains

Standing water on your floor is obviously symptomatic of a clogged floor drain. Clogged floor drains often show themselves while using a washing machine, or during the cleaning of commercial or municipal floors. Clogged floor drains smell awful, and will quickly send the pungent order to other areas of your house or building. Floor drains can be difficult to clear without power equipment. Call Forsyth Rooter Service and we’ll take care of your clogged floor drains.

Locating Drain Lines

Locating blocks and damages in drain lines used to be a time-consuming, cumbersome process. It involved total excavation of everything above the drain line. Due to advances in technology, drain line locating and sewer pipe replacement and repair have become a lot simpler now. Today sewer line repair and replacement is carried out with equipment like video and locating devices, drain snake augers and high pressure water jetting.

Grease Trap Cleaning

An inappropriately serviced grease trap / interceptor from restaurants or other food services is a significant problem for wastewater collection or sewer systems. Fats, oils, grease, and solids can solidify and congest the main pipeline that leads to the sewage. Failing to properly manage grease traps / interceptors can lead to violations as well as cause blockage that may prevent you from running your daily operations.

Septic Tank Pumping

A septic tank should be pumped once it reaches about 25% solids. For most households, this is about every 2-4 years. Since the septic tank acts as your first line of defense by accumulating solid material and preventing it from clogging up your drainfield, it is extremely important that those materials are removed on a regular basis to ensure they do not make it down stream. Most of the time there are no signs that you have let your tank go too long between pumping until it is too late.

We also handle residential drain issues as well. Call Forsyth Rooter Service today for any of the following residential drainage issues:

Bathtubs | Toilets | Clogged Sinks | Shower Drains | Urinals | Any other drainage problem!

Schedule An Appointment

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our service technician that is not an emergency, contact us via email or give us a call at 336-768-8494.